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Dotstemcell, an institute for comprehensive healthcare from dedicated stem cell experts. That focus on results and impressive service From selecting quality services and products that are safe and meet the highest standards There are innovative tools. Supervised by a team of experienced doctors and qualified personnel To meet the needs and confidence of you and your loved ones truly
Dotstemcell joins plans for a healthy and healthy life for every family. By providing comprehensive counseling to take care of yourself and your family from birth

Stemcell Banking for your beloved family

Partnering with international experts

Dotstemcell is an internationally recognized and respected partner. In Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.
With its international service capabilities, Mirastemcells Can provide the highest quality service with the most modern technology for everyone.

Patient Worldwide

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

Dotstemcell is committed to developing the highest standards for stem cell storage services. To meet the satisfaction for all families. Stem cell storage is a great investment in your future and priceless health.

This is because no matter how good health is prepared. It cannot avoid ailments and the deterioration of the body with age. Because as the age increases The deterioration of cells or organs within the body would have increased accordingly.

Stem cell storage in various ways This enables parents to preserve valuable stem cells that are unified with their infants and have the same genetic code as their family. They are intended for future treatment by new technologies involving stem cells. For example, to treat heart disease Or Alzheimer’s disease

In addition, the stored stem cells. Also like a spare organ for cancer treatment Or a blood disease that can be cured using stem cells

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Build strong cells to defeat bad cells.


MSC, Science of anti-aging


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