Dotstemcell releases statistics of NK Cell during COVID

Dotstemcell reveals statistics from townspeople parade to injure NK Cell during COVID outbreak Hope to increase body immunity - DOT STEM CELL

Experts say city people are injecting NK cells to boost their immune system, anticipate COVID-19, causing people to pay more attention to their health and immunity.NK Cell or Natural Killer Cell, or it may be called natural killer cell. Is a type of white blood cell in the group of lymphocyte that is important for the immune system (innate immune system) has a special ability to destroy foreign cells such as cancer cells. And, importantly, viral-infected cells, it is not surprising that during the global confrontation of the deadly disease COVID-19, the name NK Cell has been heavily discussed. And received overwhelming attention

Dr. Chaapong Akarakitjinda Managing Director, Dot Stem Sales The Institute for Comprehensive Healthcare said that in alternative medicine, NK Cell is useful in many diseases such as treatment in cancer patients. Or people with family history of cancer Those with a state of exhaustion Not getting enough rest Which affects the immune system Or in people who have frequent virus infections

"During the past half year A 300% increase in the number of people paying attention to this service is a record high. And most of them consulted about the use of NK Cell to enhance the immune system. It is the most important thing to reduce the risk and severity of exposure to viruses such as Coronavirus, in addition to protecting yourself from touching the infection. Is to take care of your health, especially the immune system, to function at its most efficient way. In the past half of the year, many health-conscious people and families have been consulted and received a high level of service. The results are highly satisfactory. Measured by the constant repeat visits. ”

NK Cell at Dotstemcell is the introduction of NK proliferation techniques from Japan. This technique is widely accepted in the medical community both in Japan and Taiwan.

For preparation before entering the service Service guests are advised to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep and at least 24 hours without drinking alcohol without water and food. And after the service Should drink enough water about 2 liters, refrain from exercise for 24 hours, refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours.

However, treatment with NK Cell was limited in some groups of patients, including immunocompromised patients. Patients with autoimmune disease For cancer patients who have recently received chemotherapy, NK Cell exposure should be spaced at least 7 days or radiation. Should be spaced at least 1 month.

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